Empyrion Server sucht neue Astronauten

EmpyrionUnser Server sucht noch neue Astronauten für die A4.1.0 von Empyrion.

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Patch Notes:

General improvements:
– Added Zoom for turrets
– Improved weapon shooting on all mounted weapons (SV / HV / CV): the weapons should now shoot accurately – try them out on your shooting range
– Faction members can now access and pick up terrain placeable devices that have faction access allowed
– When item menu (Creative or activated via console command) is open, items that are shift-clicked out of the toolbar are now put into trash.
Note: Works only in creative mode (H-button) or when activated via console command in Survival mode. It does not happen when your player- or container inventory is open in survival mode!
– Materials available in Output Area now count to „available resources“ in template info
– Advanced constructors now put any remaining intermediate products in its Inventory and not in Output grid
– Added Hover Engine/Hover Booster info to Vessel Statistics Window for HV
– Added info about „max consumption“ of a vessel to control panel
– Added 3 new artificial mass blocks for HV balancing: 250, 500, 1250 kg (de-activated 2500kg artificial mass block)

General tweaks:
– Tweaked multitool: It should now be much stronger (especially multitool T2) – handle with care when using it 😉
– Tweaked starter prefabs:
* Adapted light intensity on all BA / CV + some SV to adapt to linear space
* Added doors / shutter blocks to groups in control panel
* Upgraded BA / CV with new blocks
– Tweaked templates: Concrete Blocks do not need water anymore -> makes concrete much more attractive in beginning
– Added 20 Unlock Points for completing the techtree
– Tweaked hitpoints on building blocks: half HP for thin compared to full blocks
– Tweaked templates and reduced craft time for some intermediate components
– Tweaked model of CV Cockpit 2 (reduced size of console part)
– Increased Moneycard value of ZIRAX/NPC drops
– ATM: Withdraw is now limited to 50k credits per click (i.e., Each moneycard can only hold 50k credits)
– Changed: Crushed stone can now be found in lower layers – but: reduced drop probability of it

– Improved main hull texture: Reduced scratch effect and improved metallic look
– Updated model of emergency o2 generator
– Adjusted drill particles to better match day/night conditions
– Enabled „deferred reflections“ on all blocks
– Updated several preview pictures
– Adjusted colors of structural integrity SI Effect

Patch Notes: Bug Fixes:
– Fixed: Problem that turrets which were built below ground or filled up with terrain (e.g. fillertool) could shoot through mountains (now auto turrets do not shoot anymore if buried)
– Fixed: Problem that Hover Engine/Booster were still activated even when switched off in Control Panel
– Fixed: Infinite loop caused by repair block resulting in freezes, crashes and damaged save games
– Fixed: Problem that terrain place-ables could be destroyed in PvE
– Fixed: Error or Freeze when opening Inventory on MP and SP or when opening Player Setup (for some players with weak GPUs)
=> Overall Texture Resolution (except Character Model) is limited to „Half“ if Video Memory is 1GB or Less
=> Texture Resolution of Character Models is limited to „Half“ if Video Memory is 2GB or to „Quarter“ if Video Memory is 1GB
– Fixed: Problem that Epic Weapons could be sold in Market but not bought
– Fixed: Problem that Repair Block was not colorable
– Fixed: Problem that sometimes POIs were not nicely placed (ugly cutout of terrain)
– Fixed: Vessels shooting themselves in 1st Person if weapons/cockpit is set back too far
– Fixed: Problem that thrusters used power even when turned off
– Fixed: Problem that map / radar icons of terrain placeables sometimes did not show properly on map
– Fixed: Problem that it was not possible to blueprint structures with Alien Core in Creative mode anymore
– Fixed: Shadow issue with stairs, elevators, shutter windows, railings (before these blocks did not take any shadow and were thus overbright)
– Fixed: Colour issue on Preview/Block Placement with Stairs, Elevators, Shutter Windows, Railing, Walkways etc
– Fixed: Exploit: food processor chain – create endless food (MP only)
– Fixed: Problem that weapon hold position was different between Male and Female
– Fixed: Problem that de-activated vessels had no updrift in water
– Fixed: Problem that handheld weapons could also damage combat steel
– Fixed: Problem that drill T1 and T2 could damage certain blocks and devices
– Fixed: Destroying/removing item from group does not update group-item count display
– Fixed: Problem that LCD Screens did not reliably save text when blueprinting
– Fixed: Moneycard: can maximal hold 16959 credits: Any 999.999 will revert to the value when resuming/relogin
– Fixed: Possible to move items via REGISTRY via STATISTICS -> Button Back button now returns to Registry when Statistics is opened via Registry
– Fixed: Problem that it was possible to mine with SV weapons
– Fixed: Atlas too small warning in console
– Fixed: German Umlauts have no small letters
– Fixed: Overbright light and wrong spotlight position on pistols and assault rifles
– Fixed: Overbright light of Player drone and too small spotlight area
– Fixed: Problem that CenterOfMass CoM Indicator was not always rendered „above“ axis indicator
– Fixed: Problem that old interior blocks were not grey but white (e.g. on starter BA Tier 2)
– Fixed: Weapon hold animation on several weapons + reduced jittering (snipers + assault rifles)
– Fixed: Problem that Sathium asteroids had no name tags anymore
– Fixed: Problem that aiming with turret on an asteroid showed message „Currently occupied“
– Fixed: Problem that Radar antenna was higher than block size of radar dish
– Fixed: Problem that flare showed intensity and range in control panel even though they have no effect (now: intensity and range do not appear anymore for flares)
– Fixed: Problem that shutter window and walkway ramp/railing did not show properly in SI shader
– Fixed: Problem that ATM withdrawal box was not limited to 6 digits as 999999 is the maximum amount of a moneycard (higher amounts result in glitches)
– Fixed: Problem with laser shots clipping into camera when very close
– Fixed: Problem that HP of wood + concrete blocks did not show up in block info
– Fixed: Several internal errors

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